Monthly Archives: December 2016

Holiday Mural

In the Arts & Crafts class, the students have been celebrating the holiday season with one another. They are wrapping up the year by...   Read More

Published, In More Ways than One

After publishing their first official article of the year on, the eighth graders were satisfied and proud of their efforts. However, they were...   Read More

Quilt Preparation & Festive Christmas Activities

The students have been applying what they have learned about basic, back and blanket hand stitching thus far in preparation for the quilt project....   Read More

Jamaican Touch Commercial

The 8th grade Digital Media class at Linden SDA had the chance to direct the staff in this commercial they produced. “Jamaican Touch” was...   Read More

The Holiday Frames!

Our Holiday Frames from our Photography lesson came out wonderful! Students were encouraged to create paper snowflakes and candy cane felt trees that covered the...   Read More

Filming Frenzy

As the sixth grade 3D printing class has closed off the audio and visual logistics of the stop motion animation video they’ve been planning,...   Read More

Teamwork Make The Dream Work

I must say im highly impressed by the talent that the children have displayed.The kids have taken the time out to learn something new...   Read More

Laurelton Community Quilt

Arts and Crafts & Sewing           Students of the Arts and Crafts class will continue to enhance their hand stitching...   Read More

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