Monthly Archives: March 2018

The P.S 156 News Team 2018 interviews Jordan Bishop of Councilman Donovan Richards Office

The P.S 156 News Team are making great strides in learning podcasting. With the support of Mrs. Hargrove and DIVAS for Social Justice students...   Read More

How to Use Empathy to Tell Your Story

“Collaboration” is a word that the STEAM students hear very often in my lessons. Some of the best works are made when great minds...   Read More

Creating Original Songs!

For the past few weeks at Macon, students have been given the task to come up with their own original songs, in order to...   Read More

Spread Love…It’s the Brooklyn Way!

 The STEAM   engineers at   Brooklyn Macon   Library explored   ways in which   photography can   capture and share   emotions. The   students searched   their neighborhood   to find aspects of it ...   Read More

Equally gifted

For this month I wanted to focus more on female athletes. When I asked some of the students to name a few female athletes...   Read More

Post It Note Sculpture

This week students were challenged to create a standing structure or sculpture using post it notes. They had to problem solve using engineering and architectural...   Read More

It’s a Wrap!

Linden SDA students explored the challenging task of taking video content and editing it into a cohesive project to be broadcasted. Though students used...   Read More

The Making of a Full Deck

This week  students continued to develop designs for their Playing Card Portraits, incorporating the  use of color. The color palette of playing cards was...   Read More

Overcoming Obstacles in Life

As we wrapped up the month of February, the students completed an obstacle course. This course combined physical fitness/ exercise and sports skills. Upon...   Read More

Toy Car

At some point, the student must become the teacher. With this in mind, the students’ objective was to model a toy car all by...   Read More

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