Monthly Archives: October 2018

“An Election Profile”

October 29. 2018 marked our amazing beginning to our first podcast. After a 10-15 min discussion about what is a profile? How can they...   Read More


The youth are continuing to navigate the world of podcasting. After completing their interviews with coach lo as well as Ms. Marshall-Wells for the...   Read More

Exploring the 3- D World.

This week in Virtual Reality students learned about 3 Dimensional Shapes and how they relate to Virtual Reality. They were also given the opportunity...   Read More

The Show Goes On….

After interviewing me for the “I Grew Up in Laurelton” podcast the students shift their focus to our Program Director Shavonne Marshall Wells. This...   Read More

360 images in a 2D world

  “A picture is worth thousand words”   Than an equirectangular image is about a thousand multiplied by pi. As subjective as photography is,...   Read More

New Skits

For the last two weeks of October the students of Linden SDA have been practicing and performing small and large group skits. This has...   Read More

Lights! Camera! Action!

For the past two weeks, the 6th and 7th graders, as individual classes, have been creating their own unique movies. The students have been...   Read More

Intro to leadership and activism

My name is Tianna Tettis I have an B.A in political science with a double minor in black studies and sociology . I teach...   Read More


The youth have began to go deeper into the world of podcasting. They will be completing the “I Grew Up In Laurelton” podcast by...   Read More

The Podcast has Begun!!!!!

The kids have officially started interviewing me for the “I Grew Up In Laurelton” podcast. We have taken everything we’ve learned up to this...   Read More

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