Monthly Archives: February 2020


This animation in some ways is not heavily focused on realism but instead I wanted the students to be creative and explore. Also bringing...   Read More

Understanding The Pre-Civil Rights Era

Earlier in the week the youth had learned about how during the 1870’s the African American community in Louisville, Kentucky was able to fight...   Read More

Coloring through water

FUN WITH WATER I wonder what would happen if we punctured a hole through a bag filled with water…. A mess, OR not a...   Read More

Solar Oven Design Challenge

You’re camping outdoors, and you want to make s’mores, but you do not have fire or electricity, nor do you have access to an...   Read More

Breathing turns into Joy; How to be a pilot in your life

This week the students were able to learn how to be a pilot in their own lives and be a co-pilot for each other....   Read More

Building in our community

Can we use paper to build a house? What is the difference between building paper houses, and building a real house? How does building...   Read More

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