Monthly Archives: October 2021

Gross Motor Skills

The students at Linden SDA discussed the importance of physical fitness and stretching before playing different games that help develop gross motor skills.


When working with the students, I’ve noticed a few of them were complaining and making negative comments about their weight and due to it,...   Read More

VR’s Levels Of Immersion

This week in Trey Whitfeild students learned the diffrent levels of immersion. The students explored the levels of immersion from screens and 2D pictures...   Read More

Web Design Has Begun

The students started designing their websites. They are using the website builder known as Wix and with this, it will simplify the process of...   Read More


Students participating in group meditation session to clear their minds and relieve any school related stress. This meditation practice incorporated into their lives will help students gain more control and stability when they are faced with stressful circumstances.


For these past weeks, we worked on building the students’ self-esteem by incorporating fun and engaging activities. We played a game I created called...   Read More

Should We Still Celebrate Columbus Day ??

The students discussed the controversy surrounding Columbus Day and the recent change by the DOE to change the holiday to Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples...   Read More

New Emails

The past week the students worked on creating their email accounts with the email giant GMAIL. They experienced the process that they will have...   Read More


At Trey whitfeild the students have been learning about affordability in the virtual reality feild. This week students designed their own google cardboard headsets...   Read More

Shooting Our Shot

The students of Linden SDA had tons of fun learning about the sport of basketball. All the students were fully engaged in the activity...   Read More

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