Monthly Archives: November 2021


Students participated in a fun activity of creating DIY Stress Balls. With exams coming up and other academic deadlines, I wanted to provide them...   Read More

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) Powered Headsets

This week students at Trey Whitfield went back to the drawing board to plan out their google cardboard headsets and refocus on aspects of...   Read More

Learning Yoga Through Kahoot

As we’ve been learning about Yoga and its various positions, the students played a fun, educational game of Kahoot to test their understanding in...   Read More

Chest and Bounce Pass

This week the students at Linden SDA continued their lesson on basketball. We discussed the difference between a chest pass and bounce pass and...   Read More

Preventing bullying

The students learned about some of the ways that we can prevent bullying. As well as what we should do if they’re being bullied...   Read More

Student Designers

Young generation of designers. We made some changes to our websites. Students took on the task of designing their websites, we started out by...   Read More

Hispanic Heritage Month

The students studied Hispanic Heritage Month . The students looked at how our cultures influence who we are and the the topic of intersectionality.

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