Monthly Archives: January 2022

Look At Their Gazebos

The first few drawings since September were inspired by the GARDEN OF RESILIENCE, so it’s only right that we top it off with a...   Read More

My Experience Storyboarding

I really enjoyed storyboarding for our upcoming music video. It was very fun doing storyboarding because I got to learn how to use the...   Read More

Graphic Design

We have started the process of graphic design. During this, we took a step back to the foundation, because if you don’t know where...   Read More

Learning more about the legacy of Malcolm X

The students have begun to learn about the history and impact that Malcolm x had on American history. As well as debunking some of...   Read More

Vector Flowers

The objective of the lesson was to create a vector drawing of a flower, they had the original and had to recreate it and...   Read More

Physical Fitness

The students at Linden SDA discussed the importance of stretching, warm up exercises and calisthenics like push ups, sit-ups, and dips.

How’s Christmas?

How’s Christmas? as we know, Christmas is about Christ and when we celebrate Christmas, we decorate our environment. What’s more known to use to...   Read More


For this week, I wanted to start the new year off right and introduce something new in the students’ lives called Sun Salutations. This...   Read More

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