Monthly Archives: March 2022


At Trey Whitfield, the students had the wonderful opportunity to learn about Women’s History Month and the impact it has amongst women all over...   Read More

Boat Week

Some of the students wanted to be challenged a bit, so I came up with this boat. What I believe would have been most...   Read More

Our Portfolio Page

The students continued Web Design this week. They worked on their Portfolio page. The objective was to create 2 galleries, 1 of the galleries...   Read More

Learning About Colorism

The student has begun learning about colorism and some of the effects that it can have on people of color. As part of a...   Read More


The students at Trey Whitfield enjoyed participating in a little physical activity by playing a fun game of Badminton and doing an obstacle course...   Read More

6 Minute Challenge

The students at Linden SDA discussed the importance of setting goals because when we set goals we tend to work harder. After our discussion...   Read More

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