Building up STEAM in Communities in Need

For the past seven years DIVAS (Digital Interactive Visual Arts Sciences) for Social Justice has been offering programming to youth in underserved communities in New York City to bridge the digital divide. The organization uses technology as a vehicle towards social change.

While the organization has received local and national press for its youth development model and has successfully formed alliances with other community based organizations and leaders, our greatest allies must be our parents.

As the Executive Director of DIVAS for Social Justice and a facilitator in the organization, I see the importance of having “buy-in” from parents about the importance of STEM/STEAM based education, with a holistic model.

It is not enough that our children are exposed to technology in a one day workshop but on an ongoing basis that engages them to critically look at the world behind them and empower them to be change agents within their communities by providing real life based solutions to community issues.

As children are encouraged to participate in sports/dance activities, they must be encouraged to participate in STEAM based activities and their number one influencers are their parents.

DIVAS for Social Justice will be implementing at its sites in Queens and Brooklyn STEAM Advisory Councils for each program.

STEAM Advisory councils will meet once every two months to discuss and plan special STEAM based initiatives for the community and also receive updates about the program.

If you are a parent and you’re interested in joining the advisory board please reach out to me at:

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