Macon Library

VR Mentors Present at First Community Event

VR Mentors create presentation boards to present research on VR being a used as a tool for empathy.   Pictured above are the VR...   Read More

Vision Boards

Young Brooklynites plan ahead by creating vision boards. Using many unique materials; cardboard, magazines, broken CDs, fabric, and ink; the students created story images...   Read More

Exploring Virtual Reality!

Student at Macon learn how to create virtual reality paintings using the Tilt Brush. IMG_3045

360 Video in Macon!

Bedford Stuyvesant students shoot their very own 360 video experience!  

VR Mentors Teach 3D Modeling

Our VR Student Mentors, taught our students in Macon how to utilize the  3D structured scanner to scan each other into the cyber world.

VR Blast!

Our high school mentors completed their Virtual Reality Bootcamp and blasted into full gear to share their new skills with Brooklyn STEAM students. Each mentor organized...   Read More


These past weeks at Macon we were reviewing previous works of poetry and the art of reciting poetry to other people.

Photo Booth Feels

The photographers became models and the models became photographers as Brooklyn students manually created photo booth strips. Inspired by MTV TRL’s classic celebrity photo...   Read More

Creating Original Songs!

For the past few weeks at Macon, students have been given the task to come up with their own original songs, in order to...   Read More

Spread Love…It’s the Brooklyn Way!

 The STEAM   engineers at   Brooklyn Macon   Library explored   ways in which   photography can   capture and share   emotions. The   students searched   their neighborhood   to find aspects of it ...   Read More

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