‘Animate Your Name’ Workshop

Today, we had a workshop involving animation.  The ‘Animate Your Name’ workshop begins with an introduction to sprite animation. The previous project ‘About Me’ has every sprite doing something unique that tells the player about the author of the program. I explained to the students that this workshop program consists of taking your first name, middle name or last name and ‘animating’ every letter of it. Each letter did something unique, like change color.  As an example, my program ‘Mr. Mike’ had the 1st letter play the ‘Meow’ sound, the 2nd letter change color, the 3rd letter flipped 360 degrees, the 4th letter disappeared and re-appeared, the 5th letter grew and shrunk in size like a heartbeat and the 6th one allowed the background to change multiple times. I challenged each of my students to create something better than what I did.

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