The Making of a Full Deck

This week  students continued to develop designs for their Playing Card Portraits, incorporating the  use of color. The color palette of playing cards was discussed and students were asked to utilize  color schemes similar to those in the deck of cards. Attention to the detail of specific motifs within the clothing on their selected card was also discussed and included as part of the design for their portrait.

2018-03-01 21.57.12

2018-02-27 22.17.42

2018-03-01 21.59.03

2018-03-01 21.58.17

2018-02-27 22.17.09

2018-02-27 22.18.40

2018-02-27 22.18.04

2018-02-27 22.17.32

2018-03-01 21.59.31

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