The STEAM GameChangers

This coming Sunday, May 22nd, the DIVAS for Social Justice 3D Printing Challenge team will head out to P.S. 156 in Forest Hills to compete in the CC3DP Game Challenge. They’ve decided on a team name–the STEAM Game Changers, and are very excited to meet members of other 3D printing teams, expand their knowledge, and compete. They are ready to win.

They have designed a game called WorkOut! which was inspired by their gym renovation project that they completed earlier this year. To win WorkOut! One needs to get both of their lockers (pawns) to the various locker rooms first.

The Gamechangers used the program Google Sketchup to design the pieces/pawns for playing the game, which are small lockers.

They are not only going to the challenge to win, but to learn something from the experience. However, according to Jamie James, a sixth-grader who is competing on the GameChangers team, they’ve already learned something–that “there’s no I in team”.


-Ms. Semple

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