‘Twas the Season!

The 6th grade  visual art students at Linden SDA were very busy in their preparation for this past holiday season. The young emerging artists created pop up greeting cards with a holiday or winter theme. They became familiar with the history of greeting cards and they also identified several purposes for them. The excitement grew as the students discussed the various ways the holidays are celebrated and expressed as well as the wonders of this cold and snowy winter season. Brrrrr….did we mention cold?!!2017-12-21 22.23.21

2017-12-21 22.21.15

2017-12-21 22.21.50

2017-12-21 22.24.27

2017-12-21 22.24.40

2017-12-21 22.39.31

2017-12-21 22.39.48

2017-12-21 22.41.11

2017-12-21 22.23.41
2017-12-21 22.24.57

2017-12-21 22.25.22

2017-12-21 22.40.56

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