VR Meets Visual Art In A Box

This week as we  approach and wind down a year of art making and reflection on identity, the students at Linden SDA took a look into the future. The focus this week ( and in weeks to come) was (and will be)  to convert a  Google VR (Virtual Reality) box into a work of art.  Students worked in groups to  transform the box into a representation of identity based on aspects of every group member. A variety of materials are being used to convey the idea and concept.   What you see here are the planning stages of the box design.

2018-03-15 22.20.06

2018-03-15 22.20.16

2018-03-15 22.20.22

2018-04-11 20.47.35

2018-04-11 20.51.19
2018-04-10 22.19.58

2018-04-10 22.20.07

2018-04-11 20.52.20

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