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End of the Year Preparations

The eighth grade STEAM participants at the Linden SDA School have worked hard all year to hone their writing skills and collect a portfolio...   Read More

3D Printing at Jamaica SDA

This month, I completed the last 3D printing workshop at Jamaica SDA utilizing Google Sketchup and the MakerBot, teaching the 6th through 8th grades...   Read More

Trayvon Lives On

The eighth grade STEAM participants at Linden SDA have completed a mini photo project they titled “Trayvon Lives On”, honoring the death and life...   Read More

It’s Our Neighborhood

The eighth graders have finally taken their big leap into their 2016-17 community journalism project–the biggest part being their collective media portfolio. They plan...   Read More

Published, In More Ways than One

After publishing their first official article of the year on, the eighth graders were satisfied and proud of their efforts. However, they were...   Read More

Journalism on the Go

  For their first article, the eighth grade community journalists went out into their neighborhood on what can be called the “Main Street of...   Read More

Dynamic Journalists

For the past few weeks, the eighth graders at the Linden SDA STEAM For Social Change Program have been working on honing their basics...   Read More

Persuasion and Politics

This week, the eighth graders refreshed their memory on the art of persuasion, one of the skills that they had to learn last year...   Read More

Budding Journalists

Welcome back! This year, the eighth-grade participants in the STEAM for Social Change program at Linden SDA School are excited to be working on...   Read More

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