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‘Animate Your Name’ Workshop

Today, we had a workshop involving animation.  The ‘Animate Your Name’ workshop begins with an introduction to sprite animation. The previous project ‘About Me’...   Read More

‘Find the Bugs – Be a Program Exterminator’

In today’s Scratch coding class, we arrived at an important part of the programming process known as ‘debugging’. Debugging is the process of analyzing...   Read More

Toy Car

At some point, the student must become the teacher. With this in mind, the students’ objective was to model a toy car all by...   Read More

Pop-Up for Social Change

This month, the students revisited the idea of what social change means to them and their community. Each student was tasked with created a pop-up page depicting a...   Read More

Jeremi’s Acting Studio Commercial Preview

The 6th grade Digital Media class has finished filming their commercial for Jeremi’s Acting Studio, a dream business one of our students would like...   Read More

Jamaican Touch Commercial

The 8th grade Digital Media class at Linden SDA had the chance to direct the staff in this commercial they produced. “Jamaican Touch” was...   Read More

Journalism on the Go

  For their first article, the eighth grade community journalists went out into their neighborhood on what can be called the “Main Street of...   Read More

Jaden’s Noodles Commercial

The seventh grade students are finally filming their commercial for Jaden’s Noodles, a business idea created by our student of the same name. As...   Read More

Broadening Frontiers

This Friday, the STEAM for Social Change program began at a new site at the Jamaica Seventh-day Adventist School in Jamaica, Queens. The students...   Read More

Business and Design

Lately, the digital media class has been thinking deeply about business. We’ve discussed ways to improve our communities, and independently-owned local businesses can act...   Read More

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