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‘Twas the Season!

The 6th grade  visual art students at Linden SDA were very busy in their preparation for this past holiday season. The young emerging artists created pop up greeting...   Read More

Identity Charms

To ring in 2018, the 3D printing students began working on their first project of the year. The project consisted of designing and modeling three charms...   Read More

STEAM Holiday Workshop

The STEAM for Social Change Program had a great time learning about the diverse holidays of the season and participating in STEAM based activities...   Read More

CubeeCraft vs Blockheads

This week, I thought it would be fun to have the students tackle traditional versus digital art. As a warm-up exercise, students constructed cubeecraft figures made from...   Read More

Tiny Dancers: Homopolar Motor

Last week, the students at Jamaica SDA had a chance to experiment with harnessing the power of energy to create tiny dancing figurines. Using simple...   Read More

We Are…A Work in Progress!

Our 6th-8th  students are still busy working on their “Who Am I?”  Wall Hanging/Banners with the theme of exploring and defining identity. This past week...   Read More

Christmas in November

With Christmas just around the corner, the students were tasked with creating a Christmas card using Adobe Photoshop. Having spent the last few weeks learning the...   Read More

Story Writing and Book Binding!

This week our students at Macon Library learned how to write their own stories and design books to accompany their fairy tales they wrote!...   Read More

Who Am I?

Students in grades 6-8 are working on a variety of ways to explore identity. This being our theme, they are currently engaging in self...   Read More

Work – In -Progress Event Success

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, STEAM at the Linden SDA school hosted a work in progress event of the student’s work from all the...   Read More

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