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DIVAS for Social Justice host Community Design Day in Laurelton

  On June 4, 2016 DIVAS for Social Justice in partnership with P.S 156 and RPGA Studio hosted a Community Design Day to finalize...   Read More

CC3DP Challenge–Peersuasion Win!

On Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, the STEAM GameChangers set out to P.S. 175 in Rego Park to compete in the annual CC3DP Challenge. They...   Read More

Building Community through Mural Design

The students of P.S 156 are embarking on taking ownership of a LIRR wall to show the pride and beauty of Laurelton . Twenty...   Read More

Having a beginning, middle, and an end

Building onto the interviews we recorded previously, students wrote introductions to their interviews in order to make them more accessible to an audience. I...   Read More


This week students honed their filmmaking skills as well as their skills on-screen by recording their own interviews, which were inspired by the documentary Rosedale...   Read More

The history of South Queens and Documentary Filmmaking

Hi all. Mr. Lee here. Following my last post about about potential changes for Merrick Blvd going forward, throughout the past few weeks students...   Read More

Let’s Talk Business

This week we answered the question, ” If you had the chance to open your business, what would it be and how would you help your community? The task...   Read More

Linden SDA vists Weeksville Heritage Center

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade visted the Weeksville Heritage Center and participated in an arts activity.In addition the students toured the historic Hunterfly...   Read More

What happens When Young Adults Get Into Cad and 3D-Printing

After a very successful start ,7th and 8th graders have polished their skills from last year.However the 6th grade is hungry for knowledge. I’m...   Read More

First Week of Photography/Digital Media at Linden SDA 2015-2016

Hi this is Mr. Lee, the digital media and photography facilitator with STEAM for Social Change. The first week of STEAM at Linden SDA...   Read More

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