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Special Guest: Wes Matthews, Sr. @ Linden SDA

We were honored to have Wes Matthews, Sr., two-time NBA champion, visit the students of STEAM for Social Change at Linden SDA. Matthews had...   Read More

Jamaican Touch Commercial

The 8th grade Digital Media class at Linden SDA had the chance to direct the staff in this commercial they produced. “Jamaican Touch” was...   Read More

Jaden’s Noodles Commercial

The seventh grade students are finally filming their commercial for Jaden’s Noodles, a business idea created by our student of the same name. As...   Read More

Business and Design

Lately, the digital media class has been thinking deeply about business. We’ve discussed ways to improve our communities, and independently-owned local businesses can act...   Read More

Basketball Cards

Two weeks ago STEAM’s basketball season ended, so I encouraged the students to make basketball player cards in GIMP. I provided a template for...   Read More

Photo editing Part 2

Photography and digital media students are continuing to exercise their photo editing skills with Gimp. The first exercise involved manipulating a photograph to make...   Read More

Adding style to photos

After several months of making videos and taking photographs, the digital media and photography students have received great training in the principles of composition...   Read More

Trailer completed

The students’ remake of the Superman v Batman movie trailer is completed. It offered a great opportunity for students interested filmmaking and acting to...   Read More

Gym Renovation

The sixth and seventh graders have made a campaign video that can be used to raise money for the school gym’s renovations. First we...   Read More

Shot-for-shot remake

Lately the 8th graders have been making a shot-for-shot remake of the latest trailer for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. In...   Read More

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