Heat Conductivity

Black out Polar design challenge

Young scientists used the above materials to create “mitts. They then tested their “mitts” in an ice water bath!!! Can you handle it, or would you freeze up?

Materials: Cut-up jeans, paper towel, Aluminum foil, packaging peanuts, cardboard pieces, bubble wrap, rubber bands
Building our “mitts”
The goal in this challenge is to make a mitt that is insulated enough to endure the freezing cold. Students learned about materials that conduct heat, and how to create insulation. They tested the ice cold water bath first without their mitt, then with two mitts, made with different materials. This activity  was designed to encourage ways to survive during a black-out polar experience. 
Completed “mitts”

So, I guess you wanna know … Who froze?… Who had the HEAT?!!I know it’s safe to say that this bunch of scientists had a Arctic blast!!!

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