Trey Whitfield (Week One)

This was my first week at Trey Whitfield and it was a good start. I took part in the Math Festival where we were taught various math games by the Julia Robert’s team.

The games we learned were to teach and facilitate to the students by introducing these games to them. The whole experience was a success because the students really got into the game and it seemed as if they really enjoyed the games. We even witnessed students not wanting to leave the games after their time was up.

There were also some volunteers there that were not a part of DIVAS For Social Justice who partnered with us. It was a good experience.

STEAM For Social Change Board

Ms Clarisa and I worked of the new STEAM For Social Change board. We incorporated some of the elements that was already there and we enhanced them with different colors, making it bright and vibrant. The Trey Whitfield students will display some of their work on this board.

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