Kung fu In Your Future

Once again my students have proved to be more brave and more talented than expected. Every attempt to challenge them, they in return challenge me. These past weeks were focused on allowing the students to think for themselves. Two weeks ago we added new taekwondo kicks to their awesome list. These kicks consisted were taught to me in my early youth. In taekwondo for every belt I received I was a new addition of kicks and other strikes. I explained to the students how im going to teach them three levels of taekwondo kicks . Generally these kicks would take them months to years to learn as they advance.
I also explained to them the importance of those kicks in taekwondo martial arts and how meaningful they were to me. I taught them the strengths and weakness of all the kicks. Most important to me was to explain how much confidence was attained from these kicks as well as glory. Taekwondo allowed me to compete and win with these kicks that were taught.

cartwheel The following week we focused on a boxing punches. These punches gave me supreme confidence to not only attack but defend myself properly. After the students learned the punches we began to work on a 6 punch combination. This combination is the core of my style of shadow war boxing. None the less the students began to try it all. Mixing kicks and punches the student began to develop their own combinations.

This week I created a simulated boxing ring. I paired the students up in two and allowed them to have the experience of being in a match or in a ring. The students would rotate between offense and defense while both literally draining their stamina. This experience shows them how hard it is to keep moving when your exhausted . They also learned the most important rule “never drop your hands”. They realized how difficult it can be to have to move while exhausted and more importantly to protect yourself. No matter how difficult the challenge might be, the students tried and excelled very well. Therefore I couldn’t be more proud , I cant wait to see them in the ring again next week.20171114_170443

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