Life through VR

In recent years, technology has moved beyond the flat images on a screen, to a more interactive and immersive form of world known as Virtual Reality (VR). The students at Linden SDA began exploring the world of VR by diving into a bit history about its invention – it was a bit of surprise to the students that VR was based on ideas from the 1800’s. Moving on to more “current” technology, the students had the opportunity to interact with a View-Master. As a group, we spoke about how these devices played a part in what we now know as VR. As no VR introduction is complete without a movie time, students were able to watch several short animated films using the Google Cardboard headset.


The final kicker came when students were able to learn how to create their own 3D eliminates for their very own VR project. Using an iPad pro and Structural Scanner, students created various scans of themselves and found objects. Over the next few weeks, students will utilize the 3D scanner to create various 3D elements that they will use in their VR film.

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