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How to Use Empathy to Tell Your Story

“Collaboration” is a word that the STEAM students hear very often in my lessons. Some of the best works are made when great minds...   Read More

Identity Charms

To ring in 2018, the 3D printing students began working on their first project of the year. The project consisted of designing and modeling three charms...   Read More

CubeeCraft vs Blockheads

This week, I thought it would be fun to have the students tackle traditional versus digital art. As a warm-up exercise, students constructed cubeecraft figures made from...   Read More

Christmas in November

With Christmas just around the corner, the students were tasked with creating a Christmas card using Adobe Photoshop. Having spent the last few weeks learning the...   Read More

3D Printing at Jamaica SDA

This month, I completed the last 3D printing workshop at Jamaica SDA utilizing Google Sketchup and the MakerBot, teaching the 6th through 8th grades...   Read More

3D Printing for the holidays with hand designed ornaments!

  6th & 8th grade students at the Linden SDA school are ready for the holiday season! Over the past 3 weeks, the students...   Read More

Introduction to 3D Printing & Robotics

Hi All, The STEAM class schedule for 3D printing & Robotics is as follows. All classes run from 4:15 – 5:30 pm. Detailed Syllabi...   Read More

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