Linden SDA

Putting The Pieces Together

These are some of the examples of students using their creativity to produce art. The students were given the freedom to choose the colors...   Read More

Discussing history and modernizing it

The students learned about the arguments for and against reparations for African Americans . It has been a hot topic discussion in the presidential...   Read More


This week we are learning about institutional racism and bias. We had a passionate discussion about the effects of institutional racism and bias. The...   Read More

Continuing Animation

Animation Has Begun

Cooper Union

The students went on a field trip to Cooper Union. The students went on a college tour of the engineering school . Where they...   Read More

Introduction to Robotics

All three grades at the Linden SDA School have successfully made the the transition from computer programming to robotics. The robots that are being...   Read More

3D Screen shot vs Final JPG

Screen Shot Rough DRAFT = NOT edited Normally you would want to do a screen shot for a quick preview. Render JPG Version LEFT...   Read More

Duplication Phase

The students are still creating all the parts. During this section we see the flowers and garden beds duplicated. It is easier to duplicate...   Read More

Robot Game

These past few weeks the Students at Linden SDA have been transitioning from learning the basics of computer programming to starting robotics. To make...   Read More

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