Linden SDA

Computer Programming: Loops

At the Linden SDA school the students have continued to work on the computer programming curriculum. The students have been asked extensively to learn...   Read More

3D Coming Along

3D animation is in the creating stage, this is a little bit like cooking, you need the ingredients before you can actually start cooking,...   Read More

3D Animation In Progress

The animation phase has successfully begun, all the students have finished part 1 of the first stage of the animation process by successfully completing...   Read More

Computer Programming :Why is It Important?

As I stated in the last post, the students at Linden SDA school have begun to learn the basics of Computer Programming. The 6th...   Read More

Planting And Cleaning Up The Community

The students went out and planted daffodils and cleaned up the community. This is their personal account of there experience helping the community: Operation...   Read More

Getting Out There And Doing Our Civc Duty

The youth were enthusiastic about going out into their community and cleaning up the LIRR. This opportunity allowed them to use their leadership skills...   Read More

Computer Programming: A Process to Process

Recently, I have begun the process of teaching the 7th grade class the basics of computer programming. The plan is to have them be...   Read More

Ingredients To A 3D Animation

What you are looking at is the different elements to creating the Fall 2019 3D animation. This is an example that I came up...   Read More

Healthy Eating and Food Swamps

The youth have learned about the way that food swamps and food deserts can have an effect their ability to have access to fresh...   Read More

Circuits: It Connects Us

For the past couple of weeks the students have been learning about electrical circuits. At first they were asked what they thought it was....   Read More

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