Pixilation ! Life animated

Focusing on the final leg of pre-production, the students began adding the finishing touches to their clay figures and sets. There were a lot of revisions and touch-ups, as the students were eager to not only create the best models, they were keen on having them be an accurate depiction of their chosen figures.1

(Please note that all images below are of works in progress)IMG_3230

(Clay model of Barack Obama)

IMG_3211 IMG_2811

(Clay Model of Michelle Rodriguez)

The students began learning how to use the stop motion software iStopmotion. To better understand frame by frame animation, students were broken down into small groups and tasked with creating a 24 frame animation. Each student took a turn operating the camera and software, while the other students created a pixilation animation. Pixilation animation is a type of stop-motion animation where real people use their bodies as puppets to create animations. The students were extremely excited to begin the animation process and created various motions such as jump shots, hair flips, and dance moves. With all these new tools, the students are ready to dive into the next portion of the lesson where they will begin to film their own animated short!


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