Post It Note Sculpture

This week students were challenged to create a standing structure or sculpture using post it notes. They had to problem solve using engineering and architectural skills. The task also included  students recognizing color codes and identifying how those particular colors or patterns made them feel. Each student worked as a team or pair or individually to create the rolls needed for the structure. Each grade and student then contributed to the whole unified structure by putting it together as they added their pieces or parts. Stay tuned for more as the sculpture continues to grow!!

2018-03-13 21.49.10

2018-03-13 21.48.30

2018-03-15 20.26.44

2018-03-15 20.28.36

2018-03-15 20.27.59

2018-03-15 20.28.02

2018-03-15 21.40.48

2018-03-15 21.41.04

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