VR Meets Visual Art In A Box: Final Product

The students at Linden SDA have completed their VR Google Cardboard boxes. Students problem solved to create a VR box that would describe an aspect of  their identities. Utilizing a variety of material,  and much imagination, the resulting finished products are in!  Each box is unique and the the personalities and identities of all of the students really shines through. Mission accomplished!!2018-05-02 18.58.39

2018-05-02 18.58.28

2018-05-02 18.58.57

2018-05-02 18.59.15

2018-05-02 19.00.57

2018-05-02 19.02.14

2018-05-02 19.05.04

2018-05-02 19.05.42

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