Who Am I?

Students in grades 6-8 are working on a variety of ways to explore identity. This being our theme, they are currently engaging in self exploratory writing activities as well as exploring the role of art in self – expression.  Essential questions that we will be answering throughout our theme are:

  • Why is it important to examine and express one’s individual identity?
  • What roles do the visual arts play in expressing one’s personal story?
  • How is one’s identity shaped by his/her ancestors, family, belief systems and community?
  • How can one tell his/her story through the creation of individual artwork?

The overarching goal is for students to gain insight into their own identity and through this exploratory and discovery process, create works of art that express who they are as an individual and how they are a significant member of society and the world. This result of this art activity will be a wall hanging or scroll. Once again…stay tuned!

2017-11-29 22.13.33

2017-11-29 22.14.58

2017-11-30 21.32.52

2017-11-30 21.32.32

2017-11-30 22.01.26

2017-11-30 22.02.31

2017-11-30 22.04.39

2017-11-30 22.08.13

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