Being A DIVA

For the last 8 years, I’ve been a member and most recently a facilitator at DIVAS for Social Justice. In Divas, I’ve learned how to photograph and film all the different moments that are meant to be kept forever. But Executive Director, Clarisa James, has not only taught me how to use a camera. She made me aware of the all the social issues in the world. We’ve discussed topics from healthy living and gentrification to #BlackLivesMatter and police brutality.  Being that I was so young, I didn’t fully understand the importance until now. She stresses this part of her program to us because she feels as though we need to realize what’s going on in this world.

Jada 09

The reason why I wanted to participate every summer at DIVAS for Social Justice was my passion for digital arts. As a DIVA, I got to express myself through my photography and reflective writing. Along with that, this was the only place where we were allowed to discuss issues that everyone else would just brush off because we were too young to hear it. Now that I’m 16 I want to help young adults experience the world of digital art and media just like I did. This has been a great learning experience over the course of 8 years. I’ve been able to incorporate everything that I’ve learned as a DIVA in my everyday life.


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  1. Cynthia

    Love it! Congrats Jada for being an exceptional DIVA. The sky is the limit!

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