Digital Media: November In Review

Trey Whitfield Middle School Students of SONYC / DIVAS / STEAM further their narrative storytelling skills by moving into full-production processes that they built from screenplays they collaborated on in the past month. Students worked on set building, prop building, furthered their cinematography skills under rigid time schedules that they created while learning the roles of a crew such as, but not limited to: Assistant Director, who maps out time for the entire production and matches the script to real time, holding everyone accountable for their productivity, Director of Photography, who designs each shot and the Director, who works closely with actors and performance, but also ties everyone together.

Students are in the middle of production for The Revival, a science fiction action short about Jhain Ho, coping with the death of a loved one until he finds a special formula to resurrect the dead. Students have finalized propping for this and will continue to shoot.

Republic of Ninjas, is a kung fu drama about Nafai, dealing with the pressures of being a Hokage, until he masters the sacred technique. Students are still working on this project.

Finally, The Galagtic Warfare, a war comedy about Autofall, a hybrid between human and alien, who goes to Earth undercover, to help the alien planet, Zanuld, in the Great War. Students have wrapped shooting on this project and will begin to edit it together which is very exciting! They engaged in fun face paint and created antennas to create their story.

The week before break, the students began to learn the beginning stages of CGI, Special FX, and Green Screen. Students will continue working on compositing green screen into imaginative backgrounds to expand their perspective on technology and how they can broaden their physical space by transcending through the technologies of film, computers & other digital technology.

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