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This short film about plastic wast, showed the participants how artists used Giant replicas of a standard water bottle and a Starbucks cup and...   Read More

3D Coming Along

3D animation is in the creating stage, this is a little bit like cooking, you need the ingredients before you can actually start cooking,...   Read More

Screenplays for Social Change

How our students are writing up their own worlds of storytelling: As our exercises of cinematography, trivia and high-paced improvisational sessions began to cool...   Read More

November Programming Highlights

Trey Whitfield students are gifted, mature, intelligent, creative and precious. As we expose them to new experiences and stimulating conversations, we see their growth,...   Read More

3D Animation In Progress

The animation phase has successfully begun, all the students have finished part 1 of the first stage of the animation process by successfully completing...   Read More

Garden Love

Our garden is a living thing. Getting started To prep for this project, we gathered in a circle where we came up with ways...   Read More

Health is Wealth- The Beautiful Results of “Our Roots!” Community Garden

The year has been going strong! The amazing middle schoolers at Trey Whitfield are not only cooking delicious and nutritious meals, they are also...   Read More


Using Digital Media to tell our point of view. This Digital Media project focused on school uniforms, and whether they are necessary or not....   Read More

The Beauty of Black Land Ownership

By Meliq August For the past few weeks in class, the middle-schoolers of Trey Whitfield have been discussing the importance of Black Land Ownership....   Read More

October 2019:Harvesting Creativity

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