We Are…A Work in Progress!

Our 6th-8th  students are still busy working on their “Who Am I?”  Wall Hanging/Banners with the theme of exploring and defining identity. This past week borders were added as another layer to create more definition and an edge to frame the whole banner.  For further motivation, students also listened to the poem I Am Somebody, by Reverend William H. Borders written in 1950 as well as the revised version recited by civil rights activist and politician, Jessie Jackson in 1971 on the famed children’s program Sesame Street. These photos reveal the work in progress with yet one more  artistic element  still needed for completion. More to come…
2017-12-14 22.13.392017-12-14 22.29.272017-12-14 22.26.132017-12-14 22.30.532017-12-14 22.14.51

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