Trey Whitfield Day

On today’s Podcast for “Talk Time” we talked about Trey Whitfield Day. Trey Whitfield Day is a day the whole school pay their respect...   Read More

Just Call Me Coach Lo

Hi I’m Coach Lo and I will be teaching physical fitness this year. My goal is to get the kids to co-exist to the...   Read More

Creating Original Songs!

For the past few weeks at Macon, students have been given the task to come up with their own original songs, in order to...   Read More

Mask making at Macon!

After a lesson on self esteem and the “masks” we wear to sometimes fit in, so we created representations of our inner selves!  

Color theory & Painting

The past few weeks at Macon students engaged in lessons pertaining to color, the  meaning of color and the mood/ feelings different colors exude....   Read More

We Are…A Work in Progress!

Our 6th-8th  students are still busy working on their “Who Am I?”  Wall Hanging/Banners with the theme of exploring and defining identity. This past week...   Read More

Kung fu In Your Future

Once again my students have proved to be more brave and more talented than expected. Every attempt to challenge them, they in return challenge...   Read More

The Sky’s the Limit with Index Card Architecture!

In this project, students became familiar with building basics used by engineers and architects to design some of the worlds largest and tallest skyscrapers...   Read More

We’ve Finished Our Amate Bark Paintings!

The 6th grade students finished up their Amate Bark Paintings which were done to celebrate the contributions of indigenous art forms from Mexico (please...   Read More

History with Memes

Last week, my STEAM students learned about history using memes culture. We brainstormed and looked at pictures and created the memes. They made Memes...   Read More

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