Students tested on Black History Knowledge

Students continue to learn about various black history figures such as Mae Jemison. She paved the way for students in STEM. The students were...   Read More

My Experience Storyboarding

I really enjoyed storyboarding for our upcoming music video. It was very fun doing storyboarding because I got to learn how to use the...   Read More

Learning more about the legacy of Malcolm X

The students have begun to learn about the history and impact that Malcolm x had on American history. As well as debunking some of...   Read More

Physical Fitness

The students at Linden SDA discussed the importance of stretching, warm up exercises and calisthenics like push ups, sit-ups, and dips.

How’s Christmas?

How’s Christmas? as we know, Christmas is about Christ and when we celebrate Christmas, we decorate our environment. What’s more known to use to...   Read More

VR’s Levels Of Immersion

This week in Trey Whitfeild students learned the diffrent levels of immersion. The students explored the levels of immersion from screens and 2D pictures...   Read More

Our Garden

It’s that time again.. Spring is coming in , and it’s starting at Trey Whitfield School!!! Right in our front yard, we observed our...   Read More

Trip into the community

The children took a trip to Be in Good Health . Where they not only learned the importance of healthy eating. They also learned...   Read More

Trey Whitfield Day

On today’s Podcast for “Talk Time” we talked about Trey Whitfield Day. Trey Whitfield Day is a day the whole school pay their respect...   Read More

Just Call Me Coach Lo

Hi I’m Coach Lo and I will be teaching physical fitness this year. My goal is to get the kids to co-exist to the...   Read More

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