Monthly Archives: October 2015

Take Life For A Trip… Don’t Let It Trip You…

This week we worked with the agility ladder and fingertip control. On and off the court you have to stay on your toes and...   Read More

The history of South Queens and Documentary Filmmaking

Hi all. Mr. Lee here. Following my last post about about potential changes for Merrick Blvd going forward, throughout the past few weeks students...   Read More

Let’s Talk Business

This week we answered the question, ” If you had the chance to open your business, what would it be and how would you help your community? The task...   Read More

Challenge Yourself

Put yourself in unfamiliar situations. This is the only way to see what you are made of. You fail 100% of opportunities you do not...   Read More

Linden SDA vists Weeksville Heritage Center

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade visted the Weeksville Heritage Center and participated in an arts activity.In addition the students toured the historic Hunterfly...   Read More

Ball Control Is Essential @ Linden SDA STEAM Program

Ball control is essential. Whether it is a one-on-one, half court three-on-three or full court five-on-five there is only one ball regardless of how...   Read More

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