Monthly Archives: April 2018

You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat” is a saying we are all familiar with. In keeping with our theme of mental health, the students worked in...   Read More

VR Meets Visual Art In A Box

This week as we  approach and wind down a year of art making and reflection on identity, the students at Linden SDA took a...   Read More


These past weeks at Macon we were reviewing previous works of poetry and the art of reciting poetry to other people.


Our Playing Card Portraits are almost complete. We will work on framing them for a complete finished look and use for our display in...   Read More

Broadcast Brainstorm

Now that Linden SDA students have a deeper grasp on the art of journalism, they are equipped to prepare their newest community journalism report....   Read More

Photo Booth Feels

The photographers became models and the models became photographers as Brooklyn students manually created photo booth strips. Inspired by MTV TRL’s classic celebrity photo...   Read More

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