Monthly Archives: November 2017

Work – In -Progress Event Success

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, STEAM at the Linden SDA school hosted a work in progress event of the student’s work from all the...   Read More

Screenwriting for Social Change

Last week, my STEAM students learned about screenwriting. We studied scripts from all of the Disney movies we love. We analyzed and learned tricks...   Read More

Powerful Portraits!

Last week at Macon, students joined us in a portraiture lesson, we drew Michelle Obama.  

Kung fu In Your Future

Once again my students have proved to be more brave and more talented than expected. Every attempt to challenge them, they in return challenge...   Read More

Make Way For The New

I couldn’t be more proud of the kids over these last few weeks. They have all worked really hard to gain advancement in self...   Read More

Back in the News Room

After weeks of preparation, the students finally filmed their first episode of BSMART News. The filming day started off very busy with an off...   Read More

The Sky’s the Limit with Index Card Architecture!

In this project, students became familiar with building basics used by engineers and architects to design some of the worlds largest and tallest skyscrapers...   Read More

Pixilation ! Life animated

Focusing on the final leg of pre-production, the students began adding the finishing touches to their clay figures and sets. There were a lot of...   Read More

We’ve Finished Our Amate Bark Paintings!

The 6th grade students finished up their Amate Bark Paintings which were done to celebrate the contributions of indigenous art forms from Mexico (please...   Read More

Slime Science!

At The Macon Library, we experimented with polymers and created Slime!   Ingredients: Glue, 1/4 teaspoon of Borax (very watered down, Shaving Cream, food...   Read More

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