Monthly Archives: February 2019

One Last Push Before The Break

The kids are gearing up for another break so I figured we go out with a bang. I spent some time in the gym...   Read More

Round Table Discussion On SocialJustice

This week the students recorded a round table podcast discussion centered around economics, generational wealth and social justice. We defined what social justice means...   Read More

Abstract Art

This week in art class students learned about abstract art. They discussed what abstract art can be and how it allows for a means...   Read More

STEAM Science Experiment!

Weather erosion and terrain is very important to understand as future engineers. In this experiment, we used Spaghetti and Marshmallows to test different terrains....   Read More

Self Portraits!

Students photograph themselves and create portraits using the photos as a direct reference.      

3D City Models

For the month of February, as a part of the art class, students will be building physical 3D models of their own unique cities....   Read More

An Interview with A.B. Whitfield

On this episode of Kid Kanda we interviewed the co-founder of Trey Whitfield school, A.B. Whitfield.  We touched on his career as a professional...   Read More

New Year for S.T.E.A.M

For the new year, the youth are  doing a vision boards for themselves as well as their community . They will be able to...   Read More

Tackling Current Events From A Youth Stand Point

Over the past two weeks, the students have been exploring lessons based on the current events happening around the country. We have explored the concepts of...   Read More

Having Fun Again!!!

What an energetic bunch this is!!! We have been having a blast with these lessons as of late. I’ve been trying to keep things...   Read More

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