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Web Design

This is a list of the students who have completed their ABOUT page with the exception of Makeda who still needs to add text...   Read More

Visual Effect Stop-Motion

Visual Effect Stop-Motion “What I feel like when eating Cheetos Chips! “ Students create a 5 second Ad. using stop motion. We discussed how...   Read More

Virtual Reality as a tool for Social Change

Students have chosen two topics affecting the Bed-Stuy community for their Virtual Reality Projects. The topics are School Segregation and Community Gardens vs Affordable Housing. During...   Read More

Final Sketchup Project

Now that the mural has been painted and the six-week collaboration with Rego Park Green Alliance has come to a close, the sixth grade...   Read More

Web Design (Stop Bullying)

DIVAS For Social Justice, Makeda Jnbaptiste is trying to make change and is using her new website as the tool to do so. Makeda has...   Read More

Visual Effect Cloning and Disappearing Act

Visual Effect Cloning & Disappearing Act Cloning Effect is utilizing on character and make duplicates. We used one student at a time to strengthen...   Read More

Personalized Mother’s Day Cards

ARTS & CRAFTS AND SEWING BLOG In lieu of Mother’s day, the students have been working on creating personalized Mother’s day cards. They have...   Read More

The Big Day

This Sunday, May 7th, STEAM for Social Change and the Laurelton Community will go out into the neighborhood at the Laurelton LIRR Stop on...   Read More

Web Design (ABOUT)

The students at the Macon Library location have been working on their ABOUT page, so far the students have added the written content for...   Read More


Students collectively work on short poems encouraging teenagers to avoid bullying each other. By using rhythmic language students believe they will best captivate young...   Read More

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