Monthly Archives: April 2017

Web Design

At the Macon Library Location, students have been working hard to complete their websites and they are now in the final stages. The final...   Read More

Digital Media’s Music Video

Our first project is a music video addressing drunk driving. The students found this as a social issue in the community. “Do me a...   Read More

A Visit from Councilman Richards

Councilman Richards of the Laurelton community visited the STEAM for social justice program last week. The STEAM team were excited to have him visit...   Read More

Alternate Futures

This week the students . First the students thought about inventions in their every day lives. We had a discussion about technology and how...   Read More

Mural Midpoint

As the mural collaboration at Linden SDA with Rego Park Green Alliance has reached the three week mark, the students have shown a lot...   Read More

Web Design

This post shows you some of the students who completed the Home page of their website, they where told to include a main body...   Read More

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