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Almost There – Quilt Project

This week the students were broken up into 4 groups. The first group measured the last panels, The second group Sewed the panels. The...   Read More

It’s Our Neighborhood

The eighth graders have finally taken their big leap into their 2016-17 community journalism project–the biggest part being their collective media portfolio. They plan...   Read More

First Draft Community Quilt Presentation

The Arts and Crafts students have advanced so much with the completion of the Community Quilt. Students have been preparing for the presentation next...   Read More

Animating Water As A Human Right.

By:Amia McDonald Fellow students Malachi Young and Munaj Abdus are working on a an Animation of water,specifically Flint water.  Flint is 70 miles North...   Read More

Sewing Patches

Last week, we focused on measuring patches and sewing them together. First students measured the panels to be 5 inches. Next they measured a...   Read More

Continuation of Laurelton Community Quilt

The Arts and Crafts students have been working on finalizing the Laurelton Community Quilt. They have progressed so much with their hand sewing, tracing,...   Read More

Jeremi’s Acting Studio Commercial Preview

The 6th grade Digital Media class has finished filming their commercial for Jeremi’s Acting Studio, a dream business one of our students would like...   Read More

Fresh Start

Now that the sixth graders have completed their stop motion video and first “semester” project for the year, they’ve gotten started on their final...   Read More

Building Imaginations with Design Thinking

For our next lesson, students will start designing a community quilt based on water. All students will be responsible for creating a design for...   Read More

Special Guest: Wes Matthews, Sr. @ Linden SDA

We were honored to have Wes Matthews, Sr., two-time NBA champion, visit the students of STEAM for Social Change at Linden SDA. Matthews had...   Read More

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