Monthly Archives: September 2015

What happens When Young Adults Get Into Cad and 3D-Printing

After a very successful start ,7th and 8th graders have polished their skills from last year.However the 6th grade is hungry for knowledge. I’m...   Read More

First Week of Photography/Digital Media at Linden SDA 2015-2016

Hi this is Mr. Lee, the digital media and photography facilitator with STEAM for Social Change. The first week of STEAM at Linden SDA...   Read More

Robo Rebels Establish Their Garden Plot At First Quincy Community Garden

The Robo Rebels were hard at work prepping the DIVAS for Social Justice garden plot at First Quincy Community Garden.  The robotics teams will...   Read More

The Launch of STEAM at Linden SDA School 2015-2016

The Linden SDA School got off to a great start with the STEAM for Social Change Program. The students participated in a STEAM photo...   Read More

Weeksville 2014/2015 Highlights

Queens PS-156 2014/2015 Highlights

Linden SDA 2014/2015 Highlights

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