Monthly Archives: November 2016

What’s in Your Water?!

This school year we have decided to focus on water! With the water crisis currently taking place in Flint Michigan, and the drought in California,...   Read More

What makes a good picture?

For our next project over the next few days, we will be creating Holiday Picture Frames. The main goals of this project are –...   Read More

That’s a Wrap!

As mentioned in my last post, each grade in the Digital Media course is making mock commercials before making a legitimate local business tv...   Read More

Community Color Block Project.

The STEAM for Social Change at Macon Library is creating a community color block project with the students. During STEAM exposure we set up...   Read More


It has been my pleasure to have had the experience with the 6th 7th and 8th graders to reintroduce  them into a multitude of...   Read More

Intro to Thanksgiving Activities

Arts and Crafts & Sewing Students of the Arts and Crafts class will continue to practice basic, back and blanket hand stitches and enhance...   Read More

Journalism on the Go

  For their first article, the eighth grade community journalists went out into their neighborhood on what can be called the “Main Street of...   Read More

Jaden’s Noodles Commercial

The seventh grade students are finally filming their commercial for Jaden’s Noodles, a business idea created by our student of the same name. As...   Read More

Creative ways to complete a circuit!

This week we looked at different ways to complete a circuit. First we powered LED’s using alligator clips and battery pack. Next we powered...   Read More

Is Clean Water A Human Right???

Enhanced Thoughts (Saleemah Madyun) join forces with Divas for  Social Justice to teach the youth in Bedford Stuyvesant issues surrounding access to clean water. Thus...   Read More

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