Monthly Archives: November 2018

Back from Vacation!!!

After coming back from Thanksgiving vacation the students are as energetic as ever. Trying to get them to calm down from all the excitement...   Read More

Relevance of color

The 7th grader are active intellectuals. The color lecture was met with resistance, rightfully so. Color that I as an individual see isn’t the...   Read More

Students Create Their Own VR Head-Sets!

Here at Trey Whitfield, through DIVAS programming, students participate in STEAM activities focused on Virtual Reality. Through this course students have gained hands-on experience...   Read More

Students at Trey Whitfield develop their podcast further

The students at Trey Whitfield have already recorded 3 podcasts highlighting the local school elections and discussing current events in detail. We are looking...   Read More

All About Art

This week, the seventh grade has started learning about the value of healthy living and community engagement through gardening. Our focus in art now...   Read More

Back in the Gym!!!!

After a short stint of teaching podcasting I have resumed the duties of Physical Fitness. The kids are ecstatic to finally be back in...   Read More

From Depth to Color

       Color is something we see every day and pay little to no attention. Seeing color is a powerful tool used by...   Read More

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