Monthly Archives: July 2017

Handmade Sewing Crafts/Summer Splash Mural

Arts & Crafts Blog The students have been working closely with the sewing machines. I have been showing them step by step how they...   Read More

Japanese Cherry Blossoms : Art of combat 

Since the beginning of hand to hand combat people across the globe have done their best to acquire the best styles as well as...   Read More

Our trip to 462 Halsey Street!

  Last week we took a trip to 462 Halsey Street. There the students took notes and answered questions about the space. They learned...   Read More

Web Design (complete)

After several weeks of web design when have students who have stuck it out and worked very hard and is now at this stage...   Read More

End of the Year Preparations

The eighth grade STEAM participants at the Linden SDA School have worked hard all year to hone their writing skills and collect a portfolio...   Read More

The Community Garden

Over the past few weeks, we have been going to the 462 Halsey St community garden. On Tuesday, June 20th, we went to the...   Read More

STEAM Camp gets on its way!

During the Summer STEAM Camp students are learning about the importance of community gardens and its connection to affordable housing.  The students were taken to the...   Read More

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