Monthly Archives: February 2022

Fitness Negotiations

This week at Linden SDA, students had to put their negotiating skills to the test. Each student was given a handout with an exercise...   Read More

GOALS program

We had a special vistor Shay Saleem who informed of us on the Goals program from the Intrepid Museum . The students was excited...   Read More

Look At Those Cute Dogs

Another week of graphic design and the challenge for this week was a dog, a cute little dog made of shapes. The students at...   Read More

Reaching our Fitness Goals

The students of Linden SDA began discussing the difference between long term and short term goals. After their discussion they were tasked with writing...   Read More

Students tested on Black History Knowledge

Students continue to learn about various black history figures such as Mae Jemison. She paved the way for students in STEM. The students were...   Read More


Over the past few weeks, the students worked on improving their core muscles. We did core yoga exercises to help strengthen the core and...   Read More


The students at Trey Whitfield participated in an activity where they got an insight into the art of balance and strength in yoga. They...   Read More

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