Monthly Archives: February 2018

Interior Design

Gearing up for their larger stop-motion project, the students have been experimenting with creating interiors and props. For this two-week project, students will create a...   Read More

Building the foundation for a stronger tomorrow.

Students built on their knowledge of the components of fitness by learning about muscular strength and muscular endurance. It is important that the kids...   Read More

Journalism from the Ground Up

Seventh and Eighth grade students at Linden SDA put their journalism skills to the test with an intense journalism research challenge. Broadcasting news in...   Read More

Playing Card Portraits

Students in grades 6-8 are exploring  how individuals can express their identity using a specific  playing card. They  are examining the function of playing cards and...   Read More

Happy Black History Month!

Here at Macon we’ve been creating Africa inspired art and learning about notable African American artists. On this day we created artwork based off...   Read More

Portfolios for Young Professionals

To jump start the STEAM Digital Media Program with a new instructor, students created their own online portfolios. Each student had creative control in theme, layout,...   Read More

Identity Charms Completed

Throughout January, the 3D students focused on the topic of Identity. They set out to explore what the questions: Who am I? What experiences...   Read More

Stretching to make a difference.

This was my first week with the kids. Upon speaking with them I realized some wanted to play professional sports and to become more...   Read More

Mask making at Macon!

After a lesson on self esteem and the “masks” we wear to sometimes fit in, so we created representations of our inner selves!  

Color theory & Painting

The past few weeks at Macon students engaged in lessons pertaining to color, the  meaning of color and the mood/ feelings different colors exude....   Read More

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