Monthly Archives: January 2020

Putting The Pieces Together

These are some of the examples of students using their creativity to produce art. The students were given the freedom to choose the colors...   Read More

Discussing history and modernizing it

The students learned about the arguments for and against reparations for African Americans . It has been a hot topic discussion in the presidential...   Read More

Exercising Your Breathing: Why Yoga Is Great For Kids

Yoga is more than meditation, it is about properly knowing how to breathe and using your breathe and your body as healing. This past...   Read More

Heat Conductivity

Black out Polar design challenge Young scientists used the above materials to create “mitts. They then tested their “mitts” in an ice water bath!!!...   Read More


This week we are learning about institutional racism and bias. We had a passionate discussion about the effects of institutional racism and bias. The...   Read More

Continuing Animation

Breathing into creativity

Can breathing calmly change the way we create?

Animation Has Begun

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