Monthly Archives: May 2019

A Trip to the Planetarium!

Yesterday, the amazing students of Trey Whitfield visited the planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History! They learned a a lot about the...   Read More

‘Animate Your Name’ Workshop

Today, we had a workshop involving animation.  The ‘Animate Your Name’ workshop begins with an introduction to sprite animation. The previous project ‘About Me’...   Read More

Treyway Podcast (East NY Farm)

Last week we went to East NY Farm with the students. In this episode of Kid Kanda, we discussed the their experience farming for...   Read More


The youth explore the ways that advertisementscan effect there a sense of self and the everyday things that they want to purchase. We analyzed...   Read More

Trip to East New York Farms!

On Friday, May 11th, the middle school students of Trey Whitfield with Steam took a trip to East New York Farms! The students had...   Read More

Trey Whitfield Community Walk

Last week Mr. Johnson took the student to a community walk around the neighborhood of East New York. The community walk is gear to taking...   Read More

The End is Near….

The School Year is winding down and the kids energy is certainly reflecting that. It’s been a long year and they have been working...   Read More

Current Events

This week we discussed current the events of the recent school shootings in Colorado in addition to the gun violence that affects everyday children....   Read More

‘Find the Bugs – Be a Program Exterminator’

In today’s Scratch coding class, we arrived at an important part of the programming process known as ‘debugging’. Debugging is the process of analyzing...   Read More

Trey Whitfield Day

On today’s Podcast for “Talk Time” we talked about Trey Whitfield Day. Trey Whitfield Day is a day the whole school pay their respect...   Read More

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